Who is Helping Hand Equity?

We are Licensed & Bonded Manufactured Home Dealers in Oregon and Washington since 2011. Our primary focus is helping both sellers and buyers of Mobile and Manufactured Homes in the Portland Metro area.

Why Mobile and Manufactured Homes?

Our main objective was to provide a service for those people who were looking for answers to 3 common questions:

1. How can I become a homeowner?

2. Are there homes out there that I can afford?

3. If my credit isn’t the best, will I get approved for a loan?

The answers didn’t come easy at first, but the more we investigated and researched the mobile home market, the more and more we were able to assist our clients and their families in finding a place they could call HOME.

Many of the mobile homes we found fit into our clients budget, and in a lot of cases, were able to set them up with lending that didn’t require a pristine credit history.

We want all of our clients to understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of families and home owners, going through tough times. Frustration, anger and hopelessness are all common themes in today’s market. Helping Hand Equity was tailored to advocate and support all of our clients, both looking to Buy or Sell.

We encourage you browse our website and learn more about Helping Hand Equity.  If you need assistance with financing, sign-up for our newsletter and receive a free list of mobile home lenders

If you feel you could use our help, or would like more information, contact us today.

Thank You,

Ben Surratt & Angie Surratt
Owners – Helping Hand Equity

Mobile / Manufactured Home Dealers – Licensed & Bonded
WA License 4959, OR MSD606

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