FAQ About Mobile Homes

Questions about Mobile Homes

We have taken the top questions that buyers and sellers ask us and have compiled them for your reference. Take a few minutes and see if any of these questions are similar to yours. Visit our YouTube channel to view all of our videos.

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Is financing available for manufactured homes?

Most traditional banks do not lend on manufactured homes, especially those in a mobile home park. What options are available? Check out this brief video.

What is Lot Rent / Space Rent in a Manufactured Home Park?

Check out this video as Ben describes lot rent in relation to a manufactured home park.

In this video, Angie talks about the 3 main things that parks look at when applying to live in their community.

Does your company offer Rent to Own Programs?

Check out this video as Ben answers the common question among buyers, “Does your company offer Rent to Own Programs for Mobile Homes?”

Why buy a manufactured home instead of a traditional home?

There are lots of positives and negatives when purchasing any home, regardless if it’s a manufactured home or not. Check out our reasons why you should purchase a manufactured home.

Do manufactured homes go down in value?

This is a common question and our answer may surprise you. Take a look at our video to be well informed.

What fees can I expect when purchasing a manufactured home / mobile home?

Just like purchasing a car or a traditional home there will be fees. In this video, Ben goes over just some of the fees you can expect to pay in both Oregon and Washington.

How fast can I get into a manufactured home?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to purchasing a mobile home. Park approval, loan approval (if needed), sellers vacating home, etc.

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