how to get financing for a mobile home in a park

How to get financing for a mobile home

Have you been wondering how to get financing for a mobile home?  Have you also been wondering if there are even banks or lenders out there that financing mobile homes?  These are great questions!  Since 2011, we have been searching for the answers to these questions and luckily we have found the answers for you!  Lets get started: How do I get financing for a mobile...

financing a mobile home guide to homeownership helping hand equity

Financing a Mobile Home: Your Guide to Homeownership

Financing a Mobile Home: Your Guide to Affordable Homeownership Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are a popular and cost-effective housing option that offers the benefits of homeownership without breaking the bank. If you're considering buying a mobile home, understanding your financing options is a crucial step in making your homeownership dreams a reality. In this guide, we'll...

buying a manufactured home

7 Tips For Buying A Manufactured Home

7 Tips For Buying A Manufactured Home Buying a manufactured home can be confusing if you don't know the right questions to ask.  It can very stressful anytime you’re looking for new digs, and the Manufactured/Mobile Home realm is no different. Here are 7 tips that can help alleviate some of the stress. 1. Establish Your Price Range Knowing what you’re able to afford should always be the...

Why Rent When You Can Own?….Seriously!

Why Rent When You Can Own? Summer is right around the corner. It’s time to plan the Summer vacation, clean the grill, get the lawn tools polished, and all the other fun things we all do in preparation for the warm weather. For a lot of families, it’s also time to be on “apartment hunt”. Summer is and always has been a popular time to shop for new digs. In the past it’s been...

mobile home financing

Mobile Home Financing: Is there such a thing?

Mobile home financing is a niche market. Is there such a thing as mobile home financing? This question comes up in almost every single conversation that I have with buyers, sellers, investors, or just curious minds. Does this even exist? The short answer, yes, it does exist. Mobile home financing or manufactured home financing is a specialized market. It is even more so if you need financing for a...

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