9 Informative Questions when Buying or Selling a Manufactured Home during COVID-19

Is now a good time to be buying or selling a manufactured home during a pandemic?  We have 9 informative questions and answers to help you.

We are living through history and it is, without a question, uncertain times.  Many have lost their jobs while other are working endless hours.  There is one thing that is certain, we all need or want a place to live or call home.  While it is not known how long this new “normal” will last, some industries are adjusting with the times to accommodate their customers….like home buyers and sellers.

Over the last several weeks manufactured home buyers and sellers have had several questions.  We thought it we might put these frequently asked questions into an article to help you make the best decision when buying a manufactured home or selling a manufactured home.

Frequently Asked Questions from Owners of Manufactured Homes

Q: I was thinking of selling my manufactured home before the pandemic but now I’m not sure what to do.  Am I still allowed to sell my manufactured home?

A: Yes, you can still sell your manufactured home.  The Washington State Governor has deemed real estate activities as essential.  Before you decide to sell, make sure you have a place to move too.  Believe it or not, there are still many buyers out there that still looking to purchase a home.  If you don’t have a place to move too, then it would be best to make those arrangements first before putting your home up for sale.

Q: How long will it take to sell my home during this unusual time?

A:  We never promise or guarantee that a home will sell in a specific time period…especially during this new “normal”.  If a “cash” buyer comes along, it would be expected that the seller vacates their home within 30 days or less.  If a buyer needs financing, that is a different story.  It usually takes about 30 – 45 days after the buyer has been park approved before the loan funds.  However, I would have a plan in place in case your home does sell quickly.  It goes back to the answer of the previous question….make sure you have a place to move too.

If you are thinking of selling your manufactured home, here are some tips that we have put together. 

Q:  How is your company handling showings with the new measures put in place for Social Distancing?

A:  When we list a home, we will try to do as much as we can virtually.  Then we will schedule a video walk through of the home  and also take photos.  Having a video walk through is the best way for potential buyers to view your home without making it inconvenient for anyone.  Generally, our videos will last anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the home.  After a buyer views the video walk through and they are still wanting to view the home, we will arrange this with the seller.

selling a manufactured home in washington or oregon

Frequently Asked Questions from Manufactured Home Buyers

Q:  I am wanting to purchase either a manufactured home in a park/community or land with a manufactured home on it.  Do you sell these homes?

A:  Our company is a licensed and bonded to sell manufactured homes that are already in a park/community, or if they need to be removed from land and placed elsewhere. We are not licensed to sell manufactured homes and land together.  To put it simply, we are licensed to sell the home (or structure) only….not land.  If you are wanting to purchase land with your home, you will need to contact a realtor.

Q:  I have been pre-approved for a government backed loan (VA, FHA, USDA).  Can you help me purchase a manufactured home in a park with a government backed loan?

A:  Government backed loans (VA, FHA, USDA) are not eligible for manufactured homes in parks/communities.  These loans are allowed for manufactured homes on their own property, which we do not sell, unfortunately.  You would need to contact a realtor to purchase this type of property.

Q:  Is there financing available for manufactured homes in parks/communities?

A:  Yes!  We work with about half dozen lenders that offer financing for manufactured homes that are in parks/communities.

Q:  I need financing to purchase a manufactured home but how much money do I need to put down?

A:  It depends.  There is one thing that is certain, all lenders will require a down payment of some sort.  Every lender is different as well as their requirements.  Typically the better credit score you have the lower the down payment.  The lower the credit score, the higher the down payment required.  We would suggest having a minimum of 10% down (in WA state, maybe less in Oregon) before starting to look at purchasing.

Q: I want to purchase a manufactured home but I have recently been laid off because of COVID-19.  Will I still be able to get a loan?

A:  It depends.  All lenders will want verification of employment to ensure that you can afford to pay them back .  If you can’t prove that you are working it will be tough to get loan approval.  However, if you have a spouse or family member that will be living with you or is willing to go on the loan with you, this could be an option.

Q:  If I am getting a loan, how long will it take before I can get the keys to my new home?

A:  Typically 30 -45 days.  However, we have seen it done as quick as 14 days.   With the COVID-19, some lenders are taking a little longer to process applications and appraisers might be slower to respond.

selling a manufacture home with social distancing

Helping Hand Equity has been assisting buyers and sellers of manufactured homes in Washington and Oregon since 2011.  If you any questions that we did not answer above, feel free to give us a call at 360-215-7372 and one of our agents will be able to assist you.  Click here to view our current listings.

If you are thinking of selling a manufactured home, feel free to fill out our contact form by clicking here, or give us a call at 360-215-7372.  We are in this together!!

Still having more questions about financing a manufactured home?  Read our other blog posts HERE.

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  • Alice Carroll

    Thanks for the reminder that my credit score will also play a role on the purchase of a manufactured house. I’m interested learning more about manufactured houses because I want to start looking for a good investment options soon. I think that affordable real estate would be a good choice in the long run.

    • Helping Hand Equity

      Yes, credit score can really determine what kind of interest rate you will end up paying in the end. Best of luck on your home search!


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